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30th July 2019

Cool High-Tech Capabilities Of Today’s Vehicles

Automotive tech is more exciting every year when the newest models are released. The available features and options on some of today’s vehicles will blow your mind. It’s almost like each new vehicle is an elaborate gift to unwrap.

You may be on the hunt for a newer, safer vehicle, but you’ll need more than a desire to keep yourself safe protected from harm or possible legal fallout of an auto accident. You can do more to avoid an accident with technology on your side.

If you feel like you’re a bit behind on what’s hot, it won’t take long to get yourself up to speed. Here is a brief overview of some of the coolest high-tech capabilities of today’s vehicles. Explore, and enjoy considering the possibilities.

Steering Avoidance feature

The auto industry is well on its way to full automation, but the steps engineers are taking along the way are super interesting. Companies like Torc Robotics are developing new technologies at a rapid rate to make driverless vehicles a reality. Features like autonomous cruise control and lane-keep assist set the stage for the newest progression of automobile automation.

Steering avoidance is one of the most elaborate pieces of technology in today’s vehicles. This feature gives your vehicle the ability to detect objects in your path and automatically turn the wheel to steer away from a collision.

PreSafe Sound option

You’ve likely never heard of PreSafe Sound, but the application of the feature is quite important to your survival. PreSafe Sound is a new tech feature that will sound an alarm at a strategic frequency into the cabin of the vehicle at the moment right before a collision.

It may sound like a weird feature, but the frequency used prepares the passengers in the vehicle to handle the loud noises that are about to happen. In the midst of an accident, it’s safer to have your wits about you.

The PreSafe Sound feature aims to help everyone inside the vehicle stay alert, so they’re able to make decisions with a clearer mind.

Road Scanning for a smooth ride

You’ll have to fork over the cash for a Mercedes to experience the magic of road scanning technology, but the capabilities are impressive.

What Mercedes calls, “Magic Body Control” uses cameras and sensors to scan what lies ahead on the road, and it adjusts the suspension of the vehicle to manage the questionable terrain ahead.

Wireless charging pad

If you could have a wireless charging pad in your vehicle, you know you would want it. People charge their smartphones in their vehicles all the time, and the charging pad offers a much simpler way to recharge.

Simply drop your phone on the pad and drive. Newer phones from Google, Apple, and Samsung come equipped with the ability to charge wirelessly.

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