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18th November 2020

Contemporary furniture 101: Everything You Need to Know

Contemporary furniture sometimes also referred to as modern contemporary furniture is the class of furniture created after the 19th century. This particular furniture style is based on the latest trends ruling in the current. Well, the contemporary furniture style keeps on evolving consistently. The piece of furniture that is contemporary today will not be contemporary after few years. To sum up, contemporary is “in the present time.”

To prevent further bafflement, let us explore here is everything you need to know about contemporary furniture:

What is a contemporary design?

Contemporary furniture design drives inspiration from the things popular at the current time. Considering its changing nature, contemporary designs are dynamic that updated with the present trends. It assimilates the elements from a range of styles, hailing from different eras and creating an overall look that is minimalist and subtle. Because of this, it can be found everywhere from the home to the office (with hosting some examples of the latter).

Presently, Mid-Century modern design is in vogue; therefore, contemporary furniture sports a modern style look.

Characteristics of Contemporary Furniture

  • Design

Today’s contemporary furniture is distinguishable by simple, clean lines. These furniture pieces encapsulate a feeling of openness- a raised chair with a reflective glass coffee table, dressers with lustrous surfaces and glossy material are some of the examples of contemporary pieces. The contemporary features minimalism it appears airy and light. The fine lines and soft edges in this furniture style are like a feast to eyes. Thus, contemporary furniture is all about elegant curves.

  • Materials

One of the important features that dictate contemporary furniture design is the material. Contemporary furniture is crafted using natural materials, fabrics, and texture. A contemporary TV table may be sleek, long, and low, with minimal shelving. A platform bed, metallic lighting fixtures are some contemporary pieces. The most commonly used material in contemporary furniture is wood, glass, leather, stainless steel, and tubular metal materials. When using leather for the contemporary style, only use black or white leather as other colors won’t fit the theme. It’s also important to use a softener for leather to keep the leather furniture well maintained and sleek.

  • Color Style

Neutral shades are the hallmark of contemporary furniture. Blacks, whites, grey takes the center stage in these designs. Most of the time, bold colors are used as an accent in contemporary furniture designs. To add a pop of color alongside neutral hues, consider introducing texture through patterned rugs; throw cushions, wall art, or embossed fabrics.

Furthermore, contemporary designed furniture, especially those for office purposes lean more towards delivering comfort and functionality. The sophisticated look of these furniture (find them on pieces lend utility to space, plus, make things look visually satisfying.

If you are still not able to identify contemporary furniture, have a quick look at key highlights:

  • Minimal ornamentation, subtle designs with floral accents.
  • Solid fabrics and modest geometric patterns.
  • Soft curves.
  • Square edged chairs and couches.

Key Takeaway

The contemporary is basically an industrial design with minimal features. This particular design blends the elements of several other designs including art deco, minimalism, modernism, and futuristic design. Hence, the contemporary style never focuses on a particular look it just keeps on changing with the flow. If you desire your home to feel open and spacious feel, go for contemporary pieces. And you would be happy to know that the contemporary pieces are easy to clean and maintain.

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