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17th December 2020

Best Smart Home Security Gadgets

Security at home has always been one of the main concerns for homeowners to ensure that their family, property, and belongings are safe. However, times have changed, and with us now living in the digital age. There are plenty of home security systems such as those made available by, in addition to other devices that can add to your security features in your household. As the market is very competitive in terms of these devices, we’ve made a list of the best products that we’ve used.

[Image: IT Security Guru]

None of the technology on this list would have been able to feature unless it was for the rapid rise in quality in technology in recent times and smart home tech isn’t the only industry that has benefitted. Online gambling sites such as here have also seen a surge in numbers due to the increases in technology and therefore are now able to offer punters some of the best betting sites that aren’t going to limit your fun through the gamstop scheme.

The first security gadget in which we would recommend to anybody would be that of the Ring Doorbell which doesn’t just act as a doorbell for the front of your property, but also as a HD video recording camera with motion sensors to pick up any suspicious behaviour going on at the front of your property. Yes, the doorbell is mainly used as to speak to anyone who is at your door through Wi-Fi and the microphone feature but as said above, the security camera like features jut improves home security on a budget.

Moreover, the main security that we have in our houses is that of the locks on our external doors, but what if I told you that you could lock your property through your phone and Wi-Fi. There are many variants of Wi-Fi locks on the market, but non as secure as the August Wi-Fi Smart Locks. Upgrade your standard bolt locks with the August lock which you can lock remotely, check the door status, grand virtual keys to anyone via the app and also be able to see who is coming and going from your door. A seriously impressive device for your security of your house. Besides, when it comes down to making sure that your property is burglar proof you can never be too safe! Ultimately, introducing a smart lock into your home security system might be all it takes to prevent an intruder from breaking in to your property.

And finally, the last bit of smart home security gadgets in which we would recommend for anyone would be the Samsung Home Monitoring Kit which allows you to monitor multiple areas of your house through Wi-Fi on your smart phone. This kit comes with 1 hub, 1 motion sensor, 2 multi-sensors and 1 outlet but more can be purchased if you are looking to make your kit more expansive. A seriously impressive bit of tech that will put your mind at ease when it comes to monitoring your house when you are away or have just popped out.

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