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16th October 2020

An Easy-to-Follow Long-Term Plan to Generate Steady Income as a Blogger

There’s no way around it – creating a full-time income from blogging requires effort, time, and plenty of patience. Nobody becomes a top-rated blogger overnight, but that’s okay because you don’t need to achieve celebrity status to earn money blogging.

If you’re serious about turning your blogging hobby into a professional career that generates income, follow these steps while keeping your eyes on your desired outcome.

Utilize a professional SEO and link building firm

No matter how amazing your blog is, you’ll never monetize it properly until you have a strong link building strategy in place. The benefit of going through a professional agency that offers a link building service is having access to their team of professionals.

Only hire established firms with experienced team members for link building. For example, has been in operation since 2008 and has senior executives who have been building backlinks since 2000. SEO, especially link building, requires a team effort; you may want to write your own content, but a professional firm will have established relationships with top-quality publishers.

Reputed B2B marketing service providers like UpCity believe that backlinks are major part of any successful SEO strategy. The more backlinks you have on reputable, authoritative sites, the better your search engine rankings are likely to be.

Choose a niche you can commit to long-term

Blogging is supposed to be fun even when you blog for money. If you don’t enjoy writing frequently, you shouldn’t be a blogger. With that said, you will have days when you won’t want to write and sometimes you’ll get writer’s block. Nobody said writing for a living is easy, but if you get tired of your niche, you won’t get long-term results. Choosing a niche you can commit to long-term improves your odds of success.

Consider all the niches you could write about long-term without getting bored. If possible, combine at least two of those niches into one website to give yourself variety. If you can’t do that, at least choose a niche you won’t abandon six months from now out of boredom or frustration.

It’s critical to be interested in your topic and be somewhat knowledgable, or at least be willing to talk to experts to gain an in-depth understanding of your subject.

Your chosen niche should be something you’re willing to dive into even deeper when you’ve run out of content ideas. The day will come when you’ll need to start reading books and watching videos to learn more about your chosen subject in order to create more blogs.

Write for your audience at a 8th grade reading level

Unless you’re writing for a highly specialized audience, write for an 8th grade comprehension level. Studies have shown that people with a lower literacy rate struggle to read content on the internet if it’s written above an 8th grade level. Complexity will kill a reader’s ability to understand what you’ve written.

Write to get your point across, not to impress readers with your vocabulary. It may seem contrary, but writing at a lower reading comprehension level is the key to generating a loyal readership. A loyal readership is the key to generating long-term income.

Write simply and succinctly

Rather than packing your blogs full of complexity, focus on cleaning up your sentences. Remove unnecessary words until your point is clear using as few words as possible. For example, the following sentence is padded with unnecessary words:

“When I got to the store, I thought that the best thing to do first was to take a walk down the bakery aisle to see if anyone had stocked my favorite pastries yet.”

A cleaner version of this sentence is:

“When I got to the store, I ran to the bakery to see if my favorite pastries were in stock.”

Extra words will fill out your blogs, but to keep readers engaged you need to get your point across fast. Short sentences hold the most attention. If you’ve read any James Patterson books, you’ve probably noticed he uses short sentences and uses a simple vocabulary. Patterson has been a best-selling author for years. If it works for him, it will work for you.

Continue improving your writing skills

Throughout your career as a blogger, continue improving your writing skills by taking courses, but also start reading more books. Reading will make you a better writer by exposing you to various writing techniques and new ideas. It can be a source of inspiration.

Earning money blogging isn’t hard. All you need is the right niche, a can-do attitude, and the commitment to see your business through long-term.

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