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11th November 2022

8 New Year Resolutions for Photographers

Are you a photographer and keen on making it big? If so, then the best way to do this is to make resolutions for the New Year to help you work hard at your photography. Most people make resolutions related to health and work. As a photographer, you can make resolutions related to your passion – photography.

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We list out eight New Year resolutions that you can consider making for the next year. These resolutions will help you improve your photography skills and achieve your goal of making it big in the world of photography.

The Best New Year Resolutions for Photographers

1. Shoot more photos

Practice makes perfect is an old saying. It is perfectly applicable to photographers. You need to practice your art by taking photographs. Keep taking photographs regularly. If not every day, at least spend a few hours during the weekend on your passion. The more photographs you take, the more you become perfect. Do this for a few weeks and you will start to find photography much easier.

2. Create images don’t capture them

A mistake many photographers do is to capture images. This is what anyone with a camera can do. Just pointing and shooting will not make you a good photographer. You need to create an image. Doing this is possible when you learn how to compose a photo. You need to create a photo in your mind first and then ensure what you have planned appears in your photo. This takes some time, but as you practice you will find yourself perfecting the art.

3. Be ready to take photos at all times

As a photographer, you should be always ready to take a photo when you get the chance. When you make this your resolution, start working on implementing it. The first thing is to take your camera with you wherever you go. Be ready to take photos when you spot a photo-worthy occasion. Don’t hesitate to take a photo. Just do it and you never know the photo you take may be the one that can make you famous.

4. Avoid posting everything on social media

A big mistake amateur photographers make is to post everything they click on social media. Flooding social media with photos will not make you famous, it makes you look spammy. Your best photos can get lost in the deluge of photos you post. To avoid this problem, do not post photos immediately after taking them. Edit them and review them. Choose the best among the photos and then post them. That will help you get more focused attention to your work.

5. Focus on your photography business

If you want to monetize your photography passion, then you need to make it a business. Start slowly and steadily by making a New Year resolution. Set a goal to achieve a certain amount of money over a period. Start small and work towards achieving the goal. Take photos that companies or media houses would like to buy. Sell stock photos online to earn money. You need to focus on marketing to build your brand as a photographer. Taking the help of influencers on social media is one option to try. You also need to focus on improving the quality of your photos, so you can excel. In addition, it’s also important to invest on complete equipment for your business. You can either buy or rent extra cameras, lenses, lighting and Brooklyn Grip and Electric tools for your photography business.

6. Do something new

Most people are caught in a rut. They take the same type of photos and keep sharing them. But are disappointed when the photos don’t get the appreciation they deserve. This happens in every field. When you face such a situation, do something new. Think out of the box. Take up a new area of photography or learn to specialize in a niche. Look into using Peachtree City photography studios (or one in your area) where you can learn and develop your skills with professionals. Learn advanced editing skills, so the quality of your photos improves. When you do this, you will start getting better results. Remember, hard work always bears fruit.

7. Take up a project

A goal you can consider is to take up a photography project. It may not be a paid one for a client, but nevertheless, do a project. It can be in the area of your interest, or one in an entirely new area altogether. For example, if you have always been inspired by the images that this engagement photos Mooresville studio captures, then it could be the perfect time to dip into the world of wedding and engagement photography. Can you think of anything more exciting than photographing couples during the happiest time of their lives? Whatever you decide to do though, remember to complete the project in a professional way. Now you have solid work to showcase to potential clients. This is a great way to build your portfolio, so you can make it big.

8. Don’t stop learning

Learn new skills in photography and editing. Take up an online course. Join a community of photographers. These are all achievable goals you should set. They will help you acquire skills that will help you be successful.

Hope these photography tips can help you start the year with more knowledge and confidence.

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