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28th March 2019

5 Things You Should Never Post About On Social Media

One of the biggest misconceptions about social media is that when we post on our page, we’re only posting for our small circle of friends. However, the truth is, you never know who can see your posts. Whether it’s a friend of a friend looking at your posts through their account, or even a hacker who can see your content.

In order to protect your privacy and keep yourself safe, there are certain things you should never share on social media, even on a private account. Here are some of the most important to avoid at all costs.

Incriminating Information

You shouldn’t post anything online which could be used as incriminating evidence against you. If you’re going through litigation, you shouldn’t post anything related to the case, or admit any sort of fault. If you’re engaging in risky behavior which could affect your job, you should keep it offline at all costs.

Even if you use an online alias, there are ways that people can confirm it’s your account. You’re better off keeping incriminating information off social media at all.

Going On Vacation

It seems innocent enough posting about your plans to go on a trip. After all, you’re excited, and social media is all about sharing, right? However, criminals are more intelligent than ever before.

They may take advantage of your innocent post and use it as insight for a good time to rob your home. Never include the exact dates of your travel plans, and ideally, wait to post about your trip until it’s finished.

Your Current Location

This can be a difficult one to avoid since social media encourages geo-tagging more than ever. Perhaps you’re out having drinks with friends, or you’re at a movie, and your buddy tags your location. The problem with this is that internet stalkers are able to find you.

All it takes is a few clicks of a mouse to find out how to find you. You’re better off only tagging yourself in places after you’ve already left, and turning off the feature which allows others you tag you.

Sensitive Information About Your Family

You should never post any private information about you or your family. This includes your full name, your children’s full names, and your address. You shouldn’t provide your children’s schools or your social security numbers. Avoid posting anything that could be used to take your identity or find you.

Relationship Status

Although the relationship status feature on social media is fun, it can also put a target on your back. If you’re in the middle of a divorce, for example, your new relationship status can be used against you in court. You may be going through family mediation with services similar to Miam at this time, so you do not want to put any discussions in jeopardy through your use of social media.

You’re better off keeping this information private. You know you’re in a happy relationship. It doesn’t have to be Facebook official to make it real life official!

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