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18th February 2019

5 Surprising Ways That You Can Get Injured By Technology

There are all sorts of ways that people can get injured. From getting hurt on the job to lifting something too heavy, thousands of people find themselves injured every day.

However, getting injured doesn’t only happen during a physical activity. You can hurt yourself just from using technology. That’s right, you can get injured from the simple act of sitting there looking at your phone.

Even though tech gadgets were created for our convenience, we are starting to see that overuse can actually cause long term injury. In the last 10 years there has been an alarming increase in injuries related to using our beloved modern devices, with many of us seeking a physical therapist for help to overcome these ailments..

Does it sound too crazy to believe? Here are some of the most common technology injuries you may not have even imagined were possible.

Sore Thumbs

People who are constantly swiping their smartphones may start to develop thumb strain. By repeating the same action over and over, they irritate the muscle and nerves.

Physical therapists refer to this swiper’s thumb condition by its technical name: tenosynovitis of pollicis tendons. Say that ten times fast. There are a few ways to relieve this problem. One of the most recommended methods is to use a thumb support brace to ensure the thumb is stablized whilst people are working. That should help people to reduce the soreness.

Stiff Elbows

Holding your phone or tablet at an angle in front of your face for long periods of time will cause your joints to stiffen. Eventually, your arms will start to adapt to this shape, and it may be difficult to move them. After a long session of using your device, it can be alarming to find you can’t move your arms.

In addition to your elbows tightening, you may also experience pain in your shoulders and biceps. It’s important to take short breaks and extend your arm to avoid this issue.

Back Injury

People who sit slouched over a computer all day will start to develop poor posture.

Not only will this unnatural position start to take its toll on your spinal curve, but your shoulders will also feel the effects. Since all the work is up to your shoulder muscles to hold your body weight, you’ll start to develop knots and stiffness. Of course, there are ways one can acquire a serious back injury through other means where some may actually be the result of a negligent act. Injured parties in Texas may want to reach out to lawyers in the state for legal assistance, such as those found here –

Tendonitis of The Wrist

Constant use of a mouse and keyboard will start to take its toll on your tendons. Your wrist may get so irritated that you may even require surgery. The injury may extend to your index finger as well from the continuous clicking.

Gamers Rage

You’ve heard about road rage, but did you know there’s a thing called gamers rage? When avid gamers get a little too emotionally involved in the competition, it can start to affect their bodies.

Grinding your teeth in addition to an elevated heart rate will start to take on the same physical consequences of stress. Repetitive exposure to this level of anxiety will negatively impact your well-being.

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