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14th June 2019

5 Cool Ways Tech Can Help You Have A Safe Journey

Though accidents still happen regularly on today’s roadways, there are more pieces of technology than ever before set in place to help people safely reach their destinations.

You can remain unscathed while driving if you simply invest in the right technologies, and use your head to make wise decisions. Check out some of the coolest ways technology protects you as you drive down the road.

Navigation apps for traffic and road work

No matter where you’re driving, there’s always a way to get a little inside information on what’s in store for you up ahead. Navigation apps grant users the ability to see traffic conditions and be notified if there is an accident up ahead.

You can also use your smartphone or other mobile device to check on the status of road work in your area. This extra knowledge of the road ahead can help you plan your trip more efficiently.

Lane assist and autonomous braking systems

With the rise of autonomous features in vehicle engineering, today’s vehicles are safer than ever. It’s probably not a good idea to drive tired, but when your mind gets foggy, your vehicle won’t slip.

Lane assist will take control of the steering in your vehicle should you begin drifting into another lane. Autonomous braking uses sensors to keep your vehicle a safe distance away from other vehicles or obstacles by automatically applying the brakes.

Airbags airbags everywhere

Airbags were first released as a safety mechanism on vehicles in the early 1970s, and the technology has come a long way since the first launch. In the ‘70s, there was only one airbag inside of the steering wheel on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Today’s vehicles come equipped with airbags on the driver’s and passenger’s side. There are also curtain airbags for side windows available on vehicles today. Another thing that is integrated into the manufacturing of cars is an airbag light so that drivers can be aware of an issue with the car nowadays which may create a problem if the bag needs to be deployed.

Hands-free communication capabilities

Though texting and driving still presents a real danger on the roads, technology offers a simple way to relieve drivers of the stress of texting and driving. Even the most basic of smartphones offers the ability to use hands-free communication options.

There are also several states in the U.S. that have recently outlawed holding your phone while driving. If you want to legally communicate while you’re driving, you need a hands-free setup.

Automatic LED headlights that pivot

Your vehicle’s headlight cannot only decide for themselves when it’s time to shine a light, but you can also invest in pivoting headlights. Pivoting headlights will turn as the vehicle turns, providing light around all the dark twists and turns of the road. You no longer have to wait and wonder what’s up ahead.

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