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23rd July 2020

3 Tips on Starting Your Kid Off on Video Gaming

At one point we as parents have all thought about what kind of toys and activities to get for our children. Many of us want to encourage good motor skills and social skills which is why you see parents gravitating to the likes of sports toys like a ping pong table. Some parents are under the impression that video games don’t have benefits like those mentioned above, but they could be in for a surprise

Many kids can find playing video games to be beneficial for a variety of reasons. It teaches puzzle-solving, hand-eye-coordination, and if you get an active video game like Just Dance, motor skills can be on the list of benefits too.

According to a study last decade from Oxford University aimed at children ages 10-15, kids involved in video gaming for up to an hour during the day benefited. They were less hyperactive and in fact more social towards other individuals.

With that in mind, is it time you moved forward with allowing your child to enter the video gaming world?

Getting Your Kid Set up

In deciding to allow your kid to play video games, here are three tips to get him or her going in the right direction:

1. Locating the right equipment – Given your child will need some equipment, do your best to find it. Sub-standard equipment will lead to a mediocre time for your child again and again. For example, landing the right headset is imperative. You want them to be able to hear all the action going on without distractions and other issues cropping up. So, start online with searching headsets for Xbox or other such listening needs. The right headset will deliver unparalleled sound each time out. When your child is able to hear everything going on, he or she can be more engaged in their video game of choice. Finally, if they will be playing for hours, be sure they have a good chair or other setting with which to rest on.

2. Having the right setting – Being in the right setting to play video games is also of importance. So, do you have a place at home where your kid can play without distractions and other issues? It is not uncommon for many children to play video games in the confines of their bedrooms. You may also have a family room that is available for play. Wherever your child settles on play, the area should provide a good setting. That is good lighting, no constant noise and interruptions and a good temperature.

3. Making sure they have fun – As exciting and challenging as video games can prove to be, you want your kid having fun. The last thing you want is for your child to get frustrated when they lose and more. While being competitive is fine, you do not want your kid getting upset. That is when things don’t go their way that they want to stop playing. If you sense your kid is taking a loss too hard, you may want them to pause from playing for a little bit. Having fun should always be the rule of law when playing. Give them a few gaming tips to help them find a game that they’ll enjoy better – some games are too hard for some age groups, so they may find a more age-appropriate game more exciting.

Friendships can Emerge from Playing Video Games

One of the many benefits for your child when it comes to playing video games is that their friendships will grow. Nowadays, kids can play online with their friends using a server to host a multiplayer game. They can chat through their microphones in real-time as if they were actually playing in the room together. Popular games like Fortnite and Valheim are often played like this, and you can specifically get server hosting for Valheim and other games to improve the connection, meaning your home wifi doesn’t have to handle all the data itself. Whether they play such games with friends they already know or make new friends, your child will benefit.

As a parent, you might even want to host an occasional video game party for your child and some of their friends. This can be a great opportunity to bring a little competitive spirit to the table.

In allowing your child to play video games, you are doing something positive for your young one.

So, let the games begin.

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