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23rd October 2019

3 Tips for Finding the Best Language Translation Apps

Whether you were traveling across the world or wandering around the house in your pajamas, you can probably think of at least one time when a language translator would have come in handy. Now, thanks to smartphones, it’s possible to have one of the most advanced languages translating devices in the palm of your hand just by downloading the right app. By finding the right translate app, you can better connect with people you meet while traveling, learn foreign languages faster, watch hours of new foreign movies, and travel safer. However, with hundreds of different translation apps, it can be difficult to find one that fits your needs. If you want to save time and quickly find the best translation apps keep reading below for three tips to help you with your search.

Conversation Phrases

When you are traveling, it can be difficult to connect with people when you don’t speak their language. While language translators haven’t quite gotten to the point where they can easily facilitate a live conversation between different people without errors. They can help you memorize a few different conversational phrases. If you are trying to find the nearest bathroom, you probably won’t want to be dealing with google translate, while the poor stranger you stopped walking down the street just looks at you with an extremely confused face. Instead, find an app that has a list of popular and necessary English to Spanish translation phrases for everyday life. Some of these apps may even have a text-to-speech API (try here to learn more) integrated into it, enabling you to simply click a button and have the phrase spoken aloud on the app itself. By having these phrases at hand, you can quickly ask a question about food, museums, and hotels. Just be sure to have the person you are asking to write down their answers. Otherwise, you’ll probably forget what they said before you can put it through google translate.

Video Translation

Be it bersetzung polnisch deutsch, English to Spanish, there are many translating services and apps that you can rely on to watch your favorite shows and movies. While Hollywood and American movie production are great, some amazing foreign films have gone under the radar. So, instead of mindlessly scrolling Netflix for 30 minutes trying to find a movie, use that time to download a video translation app. Once you have found an app that can play translated videos by providing live subtitles or lets you look through a database of existing subtitles for movies and shows, your movie options have just multiplied by the thousands. Polish, Italian, and Spanish cinema have been rising in popularity around the world, with several winning the prize for best foreign movies at the Oscars. By simply downloading the right translation app, like on that offers Spanish to English translation, you now have access to hundreds of hours of different movies and televisions shows you’ve never even heard of. Now you won’t have to watch “Friends” or “How I met Your Mother’ for the 10th time because you can’t find anything else to watch.

Best Translation Apps

While doing a little bit of research for this article, I found a very comprehensive list of translation apps. This list includes everything from live translations to translating pictures, and it is a great place to start your search for your favorite translation app. Whether you are trying to speak Latin, French, or any other language: this list can help.

Travel Safely

Not only do translation apps help you better connect with people; they can help you stay safe while traveling as well. Most smartphones can act as well as some of the top standalone translation devices, so be wary about buying an expensive translator just for a week-long trip. Using the right translation app, you can understand hotel guides, restaurant reviews, and even trip reports, so you can sleep well knowing that you are staying somewhere safe, and the food you’re going to eat tomorrow will be life-changing delicious.


As you begin your search for the best translation apps, keep these three tips in mind, and you’ll find an app that fits your needs in no time.

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